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Telangana, new state born

As I started to Hyderabad, many people asked are you Telangana or Andhra. I simply said I am an Indian. Recently government announced,for Telangana & Andhra states where Hyderabad will be capital for 10 years for both states. Unlike Chandigarh which is in both Punjab and Haryana controlled, Hyderabad now more controlled by Telangana region. Everywhere GHMC puts the seal on the buildings. It said later those could be given to IT sector near to Madhapur. I can’t say development is stopped but internal infrastructure in good pace.Industrial and development its taking time for them. I saw some of the bikes and cars are labelled with TS (Telangana State) registration. In APSRTC buses now AP has been ruled out. Some of them sticked with TSRTC.

Lands are cleared to provide more lands to state. Buildings are still built sky high, lands are getting cheaper now and then. Water and basic amenities still not provided to individual owners. Real estate is still un-decided to get the lands in Hyderabad or not. I came to Bangalore on 2009, the real estate has steady growth, to find a land in Bangalore is still hectic. Due to this, outskirts are keep on developing. Bangalore has nothing to develop, but sky high buildings are still built. Some areas, 2 BHK flats are sold more than a crore. Bangalore developing the infrastructure it bureaucracy developing pace is simply superb.

I went to one of the local hotel in near Madhapur. One old man asking “Why did you put your shop here? Its disturbing us” There is no building around about 1 KM, I don’t know how its disturbing him. “I am Telangana guy, you need to give me the money here after to run your shop here”. He fought with shop guys. I am scared of the trend which is going around in Hyderabad. I am not sure the same thing happening in other areas. It remembers me the 80s-90s in Chennai. Where the local rowdy will occupy the shop or owner of the shop, he need to give the mamool to local dada. One shop keeper have to provide the mamool to Local Dada, to law, to politicians etc., I hope this will not replicate same in Hyderabad too. Shop keepers frustration, hesitation can be clearly seen. Recently in Tamil Nadu one of the lady police arrested for asking bribe in local shop.

I remember there are many hopes for creating the Telangana state, I hope the fire still remains on them. Inclusive development, developing without the race, creed, religion, language is important for development of any kind. Fundamental rights are equal to everybody, humanity to be shown equal to everybody. I hope Telangana state will bring fruitful results.

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