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Gibraltar, British in Spain border

In 11th century to 15th century Gibraltar was a permanent settlement for Arabs and Moroccans. North part of Africa always had an Islamic feelings, where Gibraltar had a strait to connect with the Africa. Mosques and Forts are built in these times. Before Suez Canal, Gibraltar Naval port and dock widely used for EXIM activities. After 15th Century Gibraltar took over by Spain by drawing the boundary lines. Later on 17th Century through Grand Alliance British got the Gibraltar for the piece of work they have done for Austrian king. Britain utilized Gibraltar for trading with Morocco and African countries. 
Gibraltar geographical boundaries are with Spain, they tried to get the Gibraltar back. British utilized Gibraltar as a war-fleet, to know the attackers travelling over from Africa, Spain and Portugal. In WWII Adolf Hitler planned to close the trade activities of Britain. Hitler tried to get a help from Franco, dictator of Spain. The country just had a civil wars and settled, Franco demanded food and supplies to his country to enter into the war. Then the documents got signed. But Franco’s inability to enter in the war frustrated Hitler, he made Italy as ally to enter in Gibraltar. They succeeded, to get the Morocco strait, Suez Canal and Gibraltar.
Britain entered the war through the Gibraltar rocks, group of Royal Army Engineers made possible for Britain. They worked for night and day, there are some psychological issues to enter into the cave to live there for months. Military carved the caves, they stayed for the longer periods and attacked Italian forces. Spain with their army fought for Gibraltar against Britain at the same time. Britain got over-come the situation and defeated both armies. Gibraltar rock & Light house, naval ports and docks provided economic wealth to Britain until 20th century. When Spanish asked to retain the Gibraltar, the people who lived in Gibraltar not accepted to join with Spain. 

With due respect, Britain retained the Gibraltar and announced Elizabeth II as their head of the state. It has Governor, Chief Minister & Parliament of their own. Spanish workers are employed in Gibraltar, they need to show their passports to enter into this place. Gibraltar even now in EXIM with African countries but that economy providing about 6% of income to them. Now tourism is their revenue generating economy. Gibraltarians feel that they are British. We can see there are the mix culture of Anglo-Spanish around, but they are truly Britain in their heart. Gibraltar is about 6 sq KM around located at south of Spain far from Britain. The population are about 30,000, Gibraltarians are Spanish, British, French, and Indians.

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