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Ask me – Question and Answers

In 80s and 90s to know the information Google, search engines, wikis etc., are not yet introduced. There was a cartoonist in Anandha Vikatan called Madhan, in his column they adored him as “Hi Madhan”. If you posted the question to him, the answer will be published on next week in that magazine. He is the awesome cartoonist, some-times he penciled his answers rather than writing it. Bhagyaraj tells the answers in funny way when the readers posted the questions to Bhagya magazine. Kuruviyar’s in Thina Thanthi, for cinema questions and answers.

Young world in “The Hindu” often answers with the General Knowledge questions. Those times, if we had the question that has to be evaluated first by ourselves. Is that question is valuable to ask, then we will reach the right person. Right or wrong we need to accept the answer. In those days to find the answer, the person who is in the same field for the long time to be met  and answer has to be took from him. Failures answers the most of the questions. Experience saves your time. In school days teachers and library are the source of information we got.

I try to buy the books from the book fair to gain the additional knowledge apart from the text books. Books from friends, libraries, information from neighbors, relatives through their stories also included in my source of information. I am also introduced with Britannica, Encyclopedia etc., I started making that kind of Encyclopedia of my own, to show it to my friends. I cut the newspaper articles, bought the charts available in stationary shops which are had the printed images/pictures of National leaders, different cultures, seeds, flowers, trees etc., The philosophical ideas to change our thinking told by our neighbors or relatives will be in this form, “This is what elders told about this….” Information will be quick slapped to us every-time they talk like they know everything and sometimes those will irritate you, with their ideologies. There are the people who are soft spoken and they deliver what you want and also speak which will be the better choice to us.

Later in this Google Era, Yahoo introduced with Yahoo Answers. Question is about terrorism, Yoga guru started his Upanyasa about Yoga, People have to do yoga to minimize terrorist activities. One of the patriotic person told, we are all to be called as one nation, we should not see the differences between us. Other person told, we should respect each other. The state level authority told, One have to respect the area they are living in, they need learn their culture and language. Later that column become big mess. Which one is true? the answer one which you are taking it :).

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