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PM Modi – He came, he saw, he conquered

After 2002 Godhra and 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots, it has been repeatedly told that, Modi will never come back in politics. But, people who believed in Gujarat development, still believed in his abilities. Gujarat development has been told at every states. Unlike other leaders he traveled all over India. Congress is the party which is famous for its secular politics, since their allies are busy with the corruption, government unable to do with anything with the critics. Congress is a party who ruled India almost 60 years, even it had split of Congress (I) still it had its gratuity on its own. Then Janata party came tried to provide different from Congress and it failed in 80s, ever like still BJP is the strongest opposition in Parliament from 70s.

Congress plans will be suitable for Super Riches and poor people. But BJP always proved that they will favour for Middle-Class. BJP believed Middle-classes are tax payers. In Gujarat Narendra Modi developed infrastructure to pull in investors. Factory owners didn’t want to go to the Land owners to provide the lands. If you have the contact with Gujarat government, Government will help you in setup the factory. Through infrastructure development and investor friendly he created lot more jobs in his state. After Singur incident, many states asked TATAs to come to their state and install the factory. Modiji just made one SMS toTata which made him to install the Tata Nano factory in Gujarat “Welcome to Gujarat”.

He is like a Ekalavya, who learned the principles without entering into the campus of RSS. He sold the tea to them and heard their ideologies. Then he become a teacher and joined in BJP. He is the aggressive player in politics, he never afraid to give a speech in public. Even party members condemned him, he taken out fear from his mind. Once BJP is down in Gujarat, and Modi is in Delhi, Vajpayee asked him to go to Gujarat to set a come back. Advani and Vajpayee surprised of his surpass of other leaders. He become a CM in Gujarat.

When a party needs strong candidate for PM, everybody says that could be for Modiji. He done a justice to those thoughts and won in most of the seats in India, surprisingly north-east regions also supported BJP and gifted with the MP seats to the party. There is a overwhelming responses all over India. In 80s Rajiv Gandhi got about 400 seats when his party won almost everywhere in India. There is a Modi wave all around India and BJP swept the seats and almost party got about 300 seats, his party came into the government as a single majority party without opposition in a place.

He reviewed the Railways, of-course IRCTC website itself so pathetic, railways are still behind of 50 years. He promised with the new ideas to get the Bullet trains and improving the internal infrastructure of Railways. Getting stronger military, new cities planned, infrastructure development, education at par quality. Parliament started performing 103% better in his government. Instead of fighting, now members are interested in development of India. When he came situation is not a cake walk for him, he saw every little issues which affecting the people, he made a promises to the people what he can deliver. People believed in his abilities of Gujarat development and what he can able to do for India. 

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