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Computer Tutor in town

Hello sir thank you for the DVD work, you have done a great job. He told at me, he is about 70 years old, but still young at heart. He often offers little DVD work for Ed, Once my MCSE class is completed, I will be in Ed shop and converting audio cassettes and VCR to DVD. One day he asked Ed to teach him the computer, Ed asked me to teach the private computer class at old man’s Apartment. I hesitated, but on that time he provided so many jobs to Ed shop., so I accepted it.

Initially he told about himself, for this Kothavachavadi, “I myself introduced Pomegranate, no body in Chennai not tasted it before”, he continued, “do you know what is the secret of my health, I am doing walking daily at morning, I myself discovered the technique you need to rub your hand with other hand, rub at your face chin etc.,” I started teaching him, how to shutdown and restart the computer. I asked him to take a notes, so that he can remember and also practice at his free time.

He took a note which he already entered so many commands, keyboard shortcuts, MS office etc., I asked, you are already familiar with this, why you need the tutor, you can practice same at your free time. No, No, I went through this computer class at nearby center, but he is too fast I am unable to understand anything. I started giving exercise and test. My daily schedule will be like this, I am working in college, through college bus I travel to MCSE center, from there to Ed workshop, and going to working as a computer tutor, comeback to Ed shop, then Ed leave me at my home on his bike.

While I am teaching computer class to him, he showed the new micro-oven which he brought newly. He told about his family, the problems he went through in earlier age etc., He started diverting me very often, I asked about the exercise and test, he started ignoring lessons. One day I started very strictly made him to sit and write the exercise and test. To teach him I required lot of patience, The lessons went through his personal laptop, once his grandson checked me how I am teaching. He said, “My grandson is working in American company in a computer job, he said I am improving in computers.” He slowly learnt how to browse internet, Yahoo messenger, Word, Excel, Power-point etc.,

In Ed shop, there will be the reception and computer room. When I sat there in computer room which is next to reception covered with black foil, Ed came and told me, that old man is in frustration, that you didn’t teach computer class properly. I said, that “classes are getting over, and he wouldn’t tell that to me anytime and I think he is not so frustrated as you are telling to me” I angrily told to Ed. When I am in computer room, this person came, he didn’t noticed me when I am inside the computer room. Ed told to him, “Jo said that computer class itself is getting over, but your version is different.” Old man replied, “he taught me for the level of LKG or UKG., I can’t pay money for that” thats it. I came outside, he was unable to see through my eyes. I am so upset, angered, deceived at that point. Without saying anything, he just given the tuition fee and went off.

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