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Ganesh Chathurthi and national integration

When there are August and September, there is an important festival which people won’t miss it. This festival celebrated widely in all the areas in big cities around India. The festival is Ganesh Chathurthi. People will select one center place to provide the space to Ganesh. This festival will be for atleast 16 days, with songs, dance in Indian Desi way. Daily prasadams will be provided, each family around the neighborhood will cook from their home and will provide prasadams at installed place, from their it will be cascaded to believers. It is good to see the neighborhood around, to talk with them, spending some time with them.

In Mumbai and Hyderabad its widely celebrated. I got to know in every apartment in Hyderabad will be emerged with the lot of money and install Ganesh statue in their compounds. There will be little show of superiority to showcase their Ganesh is better than other apartments. Spendings will be on some lakhs of rupees for these festivals. Often political parties provide funds, to prove their power in those areas. In Hyderabad Kaithabad, laddu auction is famous, the auction will goes upto lakhs, the Ganesh statue is the largest statue.

As per vedas, he is a child of Parvati and descendant of Suryavansh. His adoptive father is Lord Shiva. So its concluded that he is a god of both Saivas and Vaishnavite. Also unique god for Brahmins and Non-brahmins. Chatrapathi Shivaji celebrated and announced as official celebrations of Ganesh Chathurthi. Bal Gangadhar Tilak laid his statue everywhere, to show the unity among the people. British unable to handle this situation. Also Tilak told that Ganesh Chathurthi should be celebrated widely, that paved the way of definite unity among the hindus.

Later new designs of Ganesh are introduced, some of them are Dancing Ganesh, Reading Ganesh, Superman Ganesh, Singing Ganesh, Performing Ganesh etc., Kids loved these idols of Ganesh, he is adapted in many designs, so that everybody started loving his idols. In hindu religion one of the most designed god is Ganesh.

At Ganesh Festival’s last day, Nimarjan will take place. Earlier days they use mud/clay to design the Ganesh after that plaster, plastic and paints are used widely. Environmentalists oppose to use the harmful chemicals which are used for creating Ganesh and it creating ecological issues during nimarjans. Again mud/clay Ganesh are introduced in festivals. Still we can use Paper and mud/clay Ganesh for recycling.

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