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Crimea and Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine is the country which faced many wars in the past. Especially wars with Mongols, Turks and Polish. Initially this land was ruled by Sumerians and Scythians joined them. They forcefully changed their religion by the Vikings. Later Bolsheviks joined the war, the clans of Cosecs, Tatars, Polish & Bolsheviks (Red) are created. Ukraine land was rich in agriculture, it has its own style of music. Their unique knowledge towards aircraft are amazing. Still in US, France are using the helicopters and planes which innovated by Ukrainians.

Ukraine always had a war within, this civil war brought the separation among the people. Legacy Ukraines, Russians, Tatars & Polish are survived till date.When Soviet Union provided the independence to Ukraine, it let Crimea joined to the Ukraine. But joined naval army of Ukraine and Russia dis-joined later. Crimea asked that will form the autonomous body, to join with the Russian Army. Crimea’s north side is dominated with Tatars. Russians and Ukraines had equal population in Crimea. Crimea is southwards with Ukraine, which holds Black and Sea of Azov. The direct trade with Europe & African countries will be possible through Crimean ports.

Often Ukraine’s aircraft, ships at Sevastopol shot down to show their interest with Russia. There is now Civil war between, Pro-Russian troops and once exiled Tatars by Russia. Ukraine still showing their interest joining the Crimea with them. But their political model itself required the help of Russia. It brought Orange Revolution in Ukraine (Electoral Revolution). Where-else the country split-ted itself. Russia provide their passports to Crimean people. In 2014 Russia announced Crimea as their ally. It has autonomous status, which will split from Ukraine.

Now Russia can enjoy the connectivity through continents. Also having the tax free natural gas pipe-lines through Crimea connected with European countries which will give most profit to them. Russia itself had a Socialist and Communist parties and rulers with them. They had a capitalist mentality among them.

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