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Daily life in Bangalore!!!

Good morning, have a brush Green tea is ready. The Hindu, Byju’s IAS Academy, Free workshop, Modi in Japan #Modi100days, Sadhasivam, TCS in Japan. Ambulance record, Municipality issue.  After bath, Oats is ready. Catch a cab, call the friends, check the email, blackberry, aux cable, RT Nagara, temple archana, people in queue, Onam Ashashakal, Beggar in signal, Mutton 2 Kg, Traffic Police, Rapid Rashmi, Big FM, Retro Savari, funny questions, funny answers. Daily life, company policy, Ravichandran Hamsalekha Haadugalu, Tiger Dheerana. HAL police station, old car, Helicopter training, smiling cab driver, signal right, namma office, ID Card.

Night 9’o clock, cab stand no., new route today, why new route, friends, sound, song by a friend, song by a radio, Hindi song, “Tere bina zindagi se…”, Thalaivar padam teaser, Rajini, Kamal, Mamooka, Mohanlal, Sudheep, Sharukh Khan, Salman khan, Ajit, Dhanush, Tata nano ad. Linga Movie, after long time his movie came, Distribution, Style, Surya, Amitabh Bachan, Amir Khan whatsup. PK, Bhoothnath, funny question, trivia, whatelse. Wo kaise bol sakte yaar, Peruchaazi, Uthamavillain, Kathi & Please take a right from this bridge.

Illinda straightoh, right thokoli, illinda straight, tomorrow meeting, this route is long, today adjust. First drop happya, take a straight, After nimarjan, that place become a tent for car shed. TVlo Jabardast, Racha Ravi and Rocket Raghava, Nagababu, Roja, Shakalaka shankar, skit, dance, comedy, Madhukur juice, Edukondalu, Rashmi. History channel, Pawn Stars, Storage wars, Mount Rushmore & Handwash. Hot Idlies with Sambar, discussion, comedy scenes, Desktop on, Google, Facebook, likes, newsvine, Bookmark, twitter, linkedin, comment, photo, story, awesome in Russia, blogger.com, 3135 visits, new post, that is this post.

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