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Happy Teacher’s day

I am not a big fan of schooling and going to college. Indeed I like the gurus and mentors who taught me the life and how to live in this world. Some years before one of the doctor told to me, we need to have a guru in our life. The one who understands you better from the perspective of worldly matters, he can teach you which will be suits to you.

I like to tell about Chandrika teacher when I was in third grade. She teaches us how live a life, daily habits and practices. Later on my school principal, she given the knowledge that one word can give different meanings. The words and expressions, intonations provide different meanings.

I want to thank those gurus in my school days. In Vivekananda College, AS Kannan sir, he is student friendly, may be he is so strict, he is the great person who gave lots of thoughts to us. Dhaneshwari Sivaprakasam she is my aunt, I had full privileges with their family. She is not only a good teacher, she is good orator, philosopher and guide. When I am working in a college, Ramaswamy sir, Jayachandran sir, Principal Sreenivasan, these people are great motivation to me. While in sports, I replicate the style of Venkatesh Prasad & Mc Grath in bowling & try to imitate Sachin, Rahul Dravid, Jayasurya style in my batting. People call me Jonty Rhodes once because of my dare and dash in fielding. Those days I am too much slim even my bones can be counted easily :).

When I started working seriously in projects, PG Sekar sir is my guru, he taught me, how to do the projects, how to apply for tender, how to maintain the office etc., In technical end, its my brother who taught me the computers, networking and marketing. Then in AIL, the person who taught me about editing the newspaper, changing the topics, SEO, SEM & everything about the social marketing is Mr. Logannathan. While in social media, its Chandramowlee Vishwanathan sir. Then when I joined in MNC company my mentor and gurus are Ravi & Pradeep. In Chennai its Madhu & Rajanagam, who changed my perspective of work style. In Bangalore its Nagesh & Umesh they shown the other side of my work, which can provide the value to the business. Then if its Virtualization its Pradeep C & Sanju Chacko, Active directory and NTP its Rahul Bansal & Vikranth. There are so many people who influenced my life and career. Also, I need to get wishes from those who inspired my life and career. 

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