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I called him ‘Sir’ – My Grandpa

This is a story about my grandfather, father of my father. Father and my Grandpa usually speaks friendly. When I am introduced with him, he is taking tuition to students. I used to call him as Thaatha (Grandpa), when my mom send me to the same tuition. the expression of calling him as a Thaatha has changed. Whenever I called him as Thaatha, students laughed at me. He will also laughs, this given me a disgrace and embarrassing moment. So, I started calling him as a sir. Usually we call our seniors, masters, gurus as sir. May be we are born in British ruled India. Somethings which they left over us, we just continuing that.

With relatives also I used to call him as a sir, our relatives asked me to change that expression. But he advocated me to call him as a sir. He felt good to call him as a sir. He is a tutor for ICWA, CA, IAS aspirants, Diploma students, ITI students, School students etc., Daily evening it will be like some queue before his room. He will provide about 2 minutes for each student. Then at weekends special care for ICWA, CA, IAS aspirants and ITI students.Way back he is a military officer in INA with Subash Chandra Bose army. He did SSLC (10th Grade) and achieved knowledge from the books. He used to read The Hindu newspaper, he will call me for take a Young World weekly in the newspaper.

He use to tell us stories about the Military, his horse, army fellows etc., He will talk about vitamins, american jokes, Russian political jokes, WWII jokes, Hitler, Subash Chandra Bose, Rabindranath Tagore etc., He is regular with the nearby library and member of it. He took almost all the books in that library. Every time he queried about some book, the librarian will say, “you read all the books in this library, that book still not came here”. He need to visit Connemara library which has largest book collection at those times. We as relatives and his students celebrates his birthdays.

His name is Pasupuleti Nagabooshanam, my father still signs his signature as PN Suresh. When we got good ranks in a school, I asked my father to go to Jurassic Park. He told that he might not able to come, so we insisted our grandpa to come to this movie. He agreed, Sir told that he saw the last movie in theater is “Veerapandia Kattabomman”. After that this is the movie he is coming to with us. I am scared to the thriller scenes, he smiled at me and put his hands on my shoulder. Nowadays I miss him so much, whenever I buy the book or reading the articles, I remembered him. He tell the stories so easily, but to read in one book and understanding that, that is really time consuming. His laugh, his spects, his sweater, uff what a personality.

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