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He is the legend – K Vishwanath Part -1

He is better known as Kalathapasvi Vishwanath garu, what a movies he took. He is a legend and rare piece where the Indian cinema ever saw. I never the seen his movies on 60s and 70s, I saw the movies of his own direction, story, screenplay from 80s movies. Shankarabaranam, Saagara Sangamam (Salangai oli in Tamil) Subalekha, Swathi muthyam, Sirivennala, Swarnakamalam, Swayam krushi, Swathi Kiranam these are the master pieces which made Indian cinema just turn around and saw what they really missed out.

He started his career as sound engineer, slowly developed as a Story writer, Screenplay writer, Director and performing actor. He brought back our culture from the past, by bringing out good keerthis from Thyagaraja and Annamayya keerthis. Basically these are songs are sung to god praising them noteworthy. In Shankarabaranam, the singer he got fame from by singing the Shankarabaranam Raaga, but western music dominates the Indian classical music and Indian music will be down for sometime. Later, again people like the Indian classical music the transformation again make Shankarabaranam Sashtri fame., The story is very well narrated and songs are super duper hit.

He also finds-out the caste and class feelings among people. He renounces that, this could fade away. We can achieve the society prosperity through the unity of the people. He brought back the classical dances like, Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Kathak and told their importances in our Indian culture. Especially in Saagara Sangamam, he give the peculiar feeling about Bharathanatyam and hero’s story both will go in the peculiar way. His screenplay is awesome. Kamal haasan and Jayapradha done their role really awesome. Their dance, their passion meets one another. One of the upcoming dancer needs the attention but he never got the chance to prove himself due to the poverty. He meet the another dancer (Jayapradha), who likes him to bring up in the good position.

After the breakup, he found that, Jayapradha’s daughter is a upcoming dancer, she requires the good guru’s attention. But her daughter refuses to take a Kamal Haasan’s attention. Kamalhaasan’s transformation as a drunkard and dancing on a well, made him as a true legend (Contd..) 

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