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He is the legend – K Vishwanath Part -2 (End)

He touched the evils of society through the movies like Subalekha. Chiranjeevi and K Vishwanath worked together on 3 movies. Swathi Muthyam another flick with Kamal Haasan, the autism guy who helps the widower and develops the family with the help of his wife. The problems himself and his wife faced through the society a well narrated story. Atreya and Dr. C. Narayana Reddy penned songs for this movie. All songs are superhit, movie is a silverjubilee hit. Biggest turning point for K Vishwanath, Kamal Haasan, Radhika, Ilayaraja in the history of Telugu movie industry.

Sirivennela another classical movie, a blind flutist entertaining the tourists. His life changed when he mets a girl, who teaches him how nature feels like. Then he feels the music, how should be the music is. This change makes him popular and adored by another mute girl. The song “Ee Gaali, Ee Nela” is a superhit. The places which they selected for shooting are awesome.

Swarnakamalam, the dancer who wants to leave dancing and performing namesake for her father. She wants to live a simple life and wants to forget the classical dancing. Chandu who enters in her life revive the classical dancer in her. He makes her popularize and soar. Through this movie, Bhanupriya showcased how beautifully she can dance. She is a perfect dancer, with the speed, abhinayas, mudhras etc.,

Swathikiranam, after Malgudi days, Master Manjunath done a role on this movie. He is the center piece of this movie. Small town guy with the impeccable talent of calculating the raagas and implementing into any song. There is an another singer who is popular got so many awards finds out this guy as disturbing. Lateron the singer copies the raagas from the small guy. The singer is none other than Mammootty, the small town guy is Master Manjunath. Radhika singer’s wife helps the small town guy to grow as a singer. Mammootty acted so well and expressed the feeling of jealous which killed the guy at last.

There are so many movies which I missed here but his impeccable talent can’t be missed by the South Indian movie industry. He got honorary Doctorate, Padmashri awards. National awards, Filmfares, Nandi awards honored for his works. The way revived our culture, and said what we missed that is the story untold by anybody. I salute the great K Vishwanath garu and his legendary works. (End)

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