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To be or not to be – Scotland

Scotland has a mixed culture of medieval and modern. From Bronze age through the Celtic civilization it provide rich culture from the famous people. Celtic civilization people normally found at England, Scotland, France, Spain & Portugal. Rome scriptures still prescribes the bravery of Caledonians (Scotland people). Later it got separated by Pictish, Gael, Vikings etc., Scotland is located at the north part of United Kingdom. It is adjacent to North sea. When the southern part is ruled by Angle Saxon people, later there are more clans ruled that part of the lands. Britons, Gaels, Angles, Saxons, Pictish & Vikings.

Then, Pictish & Vikings joined the hands to create the vast army to defend themselves from Roman empire and to get into war with Anglo-saxons. Anglo-saxons land become, England and Briton become Great Britain. Colombe who is pastor he reviewed the entire religion in Scotland and made them change to christianity. Still the old religion marks are marked in the stones. There are kings, stories to tell where this article wouldn’t be enough for those. In bronze age these people are mainly as hunters and gatherers.

Scotland is rich in offshore oil digging, where nowadays it is declining slowly. There tourism is really good and still they had natural resources in their hand. Their economy is based with United Kingdom, the factories and industries are still within it. Scotland played major role in WWI where about 150,000 soldiers were died and seriously wounded. Scotland raised with the ship building industry but it went down with the great depression in 1929. It saw lot of ups and downs in industries and country economy. In recent years it found their way by cultural and economy renaissance. It got it through finance services, oil industries and electronics manufacturing. It has malt whiskey companies one of the

famous company is Johnnie Walker.

Scotland has number of mountains, castles, wonderful hotels, beaches, isles, dark forests etc., Their unique music (Bagpiper music) and world bagpiper championship is one of the fantastic thing you ever need to cover in your life. Edinburgh is the capital for Scotland, where Aberdeen & Glasgow are the cities you can visit to know their culture and life. In recent times, Scotland voted to be with the United Kingdom, people loved United Kingdom and they like to be part of United Kingdom.

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