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Is UK did what Russia did for Crimea

Couple of days before I posted about the Scotland and UK. One of the visitor who visited my blog and said, the young voters who voted against the unification of Scotland and Britain. He also shown some statistics that youngsters are more keen to be separated. Also insisted that youngsters are tomorrow’s citizens, it is like their rights has been rejected.
Is it so, in the same year in February, Russia got Crimea, Crimea leader openly said that people are interested in joining with Russia. Russia has more benefits if Crimea joined with them, there are pipeline projects, where they are providing the oil and natural gas for many European nations. Ukraine might be threat for them and also impose more taxes or can stop the entire project. So Russia, got the love from Crimea, where more Russians are moved to Crimea, to support the thought of one nation under Russia.
In same way, in India France still providing the pensions at our Union Territories. UK providing the pension to Gibraltar still, even it is geographically isolated, Gibraltar is united with UK. Recently Ukraine said that, Crimeans who are getting the pension from Russia are not eligible to get the pension money from Ukraine. Basically there is no double pension. Pensioners usually who are separated or getting the money benefits from one government are loyal to their masters. 
UK proposed the same way what Russia did, they provided pensions, which are indirect benefits to the Scotland. Many of the separatists feel that UK funded indirectly to get the support from the voters. In any nation two sectors of voters are inseparable one is poor and another sector is a old age pensioners. UK got this idea and implemented and succeeded in their own way. It shown the new way to get the voters to diversify ideas. Youngsters who didn’t got these benefits are more dejected. Also for pensioners this is a boon for them, even in a high economy, these pension money will help them to lead a life in a better way. We need to provide a real award who found the pension idea.

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