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Mangalyaan, ISRO’s new confidence

I like to see the movie Gravity which story reveals the after effects of non-recycled satellites which destroying the space crafts. That is the awesome movie which is budgeted about 100 Million US Dollars. When Mangalyaan gone into the Mars Orbit, PM Modi said, this project is cheaper than Gravity movie’s budget. This is also the budgetary mission comparing the other 4 missions which are launched for Mars. After Chandrayaan, this is India’s huge step in Space craft. Recently India’s dependency with the other space organization is reduced.

More than that, India providing additional information which other organizations want to know. It has their own Data centers to provide the information for the organizations. This PSLV-XL is just a showcase for the upcoming projects, which has its own limitations. Also this mission provides about managing the space craft in situations, providing shaping information of Mars, minerals & contains weather information. This project is headed over by K Radhakrishnan. The space craft carrying the Solar array, propeller tank, High & Medium gain Antenna, Camera, thrusters (main engine). This drives into the Mars orbit. There will test firing for 4 seconds, while it reaching in orbit. However, this test firing is successful.

Last year November 2013 it released from earth and today 24th September 2014 it reached to Mars orbit. There are some interesting facts around this Mars Orbit Mission. This space-craft once entered into the orbit, it will be taken over by Mars by its gravity. Primary objective of this mission is to develop the technology for interplanetary missions. This mission will provide sufficient information for the future projects for ISRO. Camera was switched ON for 2 hours and send about 5 pictures to earth. This is the low cost mission (74 million US Dollars) and also successful in its maiden attempt. The vehicle total weight is 1,337 kg and this mission launched at Satish Dhawan Space Center, Sriharikota.

This is huge leap in space science for India, this victory also resembles the power of human beings. NASA congratulates India and welcomed for studying the Red planet. ISRO now knows where they are standing in the global map, this Mangalyaan mission gives extra confidence for their accomplishments.

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