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Che Guevara – Part 1

Che, he who fought against imperialism and implemented socialism successfully. He may be the rebel, but he is the hero for millions. Celia she is the beautiful lady, her father is a congressman, ambassador & renowned law professor.  Despite of her parent’s untimed death, her family possessed with the revenue generating lands. Ernesto Guevara a clerkish appearance, tall and handsome with strong cheeks has both Spanish and Irish nobility. He is hot temper and had outsized imagination. He dropped his college while studying architecture and engineering. Then he met Celia and they went through the yerba mate plantation and strike gold.
Their marriage un-accepted by their families, she got pregnant and eloped with Ernesto and stayed away with her older sister’s house. Then court approved their marriage and portion of cattle and farming business then cash bonds are provided. Finally they both were wed in a private ceremony.
Argentina had a unstable past, which had native origins revolution, Independence struggle with Spain etc., Native origins Indians settled over with vast new lands and colonization. Later in the beginning of 1870s, Argentina exported commodities, cattle, agricultural products etc. In return from America and Europe it got Paris fashions, new equipment, architecture and designs from west. With the connection from the west it got new types of buildings, mansions, private buildings, fountains, statues etc., it provided new culture to the country.
Even though there are problems within from the conservative leaderships, diseases and workers strike are common in the country. Often strikes are suppressed with gunfire and police. In 20th century new political ideas emerged, Feminists, socialists’ voices are heard. Later Argentina’s political change was unstoppable.
Meanwhile with Celia’s money Ernesto bought the land in jungle. He saw a future in the jungle. They got wooden house with the outdoor kitchen. He believes in adventure, dangers and entraps. (Contd…)

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