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Che Guevara – Part 2

Then, Guevara moved to the nearest town, sooner Celia got pregnant and got baby boy. After travelling too many places, Guevara concentrated on his plantation business. Celia likes to be alone and spend thrift, but Guevara always looked for an emotional support. Where Guevara’s brother didn’t took his shipyard business seriously. They suffered lot of loss, Celia carried his two year old son in cold and wind areas. Celia’s son carried to hospital, and he was detected with asthmatic bronchitis. Sooner the medicines didn’t worked for him, her son also suffered with wheezing. Famous Che had a toughest childhood he suffered from Allergy and Asthma.
Che got affection due to his sickly nature. With the doctor’s advice for Che’s medical condition his parents moved to the highland for dry conditions. He almost died in various childhood incidents. Later dry conditions which brought by his parents made to manage the Asthma. But still Argentina faced the Post war crisis, her export slows down and depression started at their country. Agriculture and unemployment made Argentina vulnerable. The native Indians still having their binding labor jobs, where they will be provided with the advance money then they will work for their masters. Guevaras’ moved their family like they are nomadic. Che travelled more and more cities with the new buildings to live.
Even in bad situations Celia, Che’s mother given emotional bond towards his son. He saw what she saw, he learnt what she knows, and he saw the thing through her eyes. The other children envied that special care was given to him. Since she is a teacher and her husband now builder with his brother, she realized that, being a teacher, she can teach his weak son. Due to his physical shortcomings, he started contacts with broad range of people. He spent his time with literary works. He got friends with all classes.

His education continued in school, also he gets strict military education. His mother and himself both experienced difference classes, races and ethnic groups. He never seen the differences among the people. Che also a good student, he developed his quality education. Sooner he also interested with military and adventure. He loved to build the battlefield. Later Spanish civil war changed his family for decades. (Contd).

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