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Dogs in my area

I don’t know how much Blue cross rules are prevailed in India. But it was constantly kept on regulating the dogs. When I saw Manisha Koirala in Indian movie as a Blue Cross member, I thought those members will be more attractive. When, Menaka Gandhi brought the rules against the animals and its rights, I thought that’s a brave move by our Government.

From my childhood, I am scared of dogs, one day my friend send the dog to bite me, the dog suddenly ran towards me, from the distance its smaller and suddenly I just fell down. When I stood, its a huge dog coming towards me, I opened my eyes, the skin of dog just dancing along with the dog’s body. I took some of the stones and thrown on the dog and its ran away. That dog and that particular scene, haunted me for many times.

When I came to Bangalore for the second time, there are dogs around my area. At first attempt, I am travelling through my vehicle, where it followed and barked at me. The dog is well built looks like Mike Tyson, and attempted to bite me. I left my vehicle and jumped towards road. I escaped without any injuries. Second time, I came to my area at night 12’o clock leaving office with important work. Now there is a night-mare, it has its own team and started chasing me and not allowing me to take a right for my house. There are about 12 dogs in my area, and it awakens the other dogs. All the dogs are started barking. I made a strategy, then changed the route made a fight between other area dogs and my area dogs, I called my home, when they heard my vehicle sound, they just opened the door immediately I went in and they shut the door. I rounded my area about three times., Some time later, cab came to leave at my home, driver took a stone to throw on them, because all the dogs are rounded the car.

I stopped coming on late nights to my home, Either I go to my friends’ house. Even though there are rules and policies for animal rights, why it is not so serious for human rights too. My question is, if the Parliament or any institution are creating the laws and rules for humans. For nature it won’t apply, were we are middle class and we are suffering from the ones which we called as pets. There are about 12 stray dogs killed the small boy. There are so many incidents are taken place by the stray dogs. Who can answer this call?

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