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Verdict on Jaya’s case

Jaya once again proved and this time she showed her enormous strength through the people, that she is the strongest leader in South India. As a leader, it seems she didn’t had a control in getting gifts when she was a CM in 90’s. National channels like Times Now, NDTV, CNN IBN are concentrated on Modi’s visit to US. But South Indian channels repeatedly provide the news from their sources about this case and verdict. Reason might be she is now in Karnataka to attend the case. There is a huge protest against the verdict, where shops were closed, buses re-routed, violence around Tamilnadu erupted.

AIADMK followers given their voice for her and against to Subramanya Swamy. There is a huge protest, where in DMK party in full swing to distribute the sweets. There are about 5 judges handled this case, about 2 judges got retirement when they handled this case and handed over to another judge.

In 1996 Subramanian Swamy filed the complaint against Jaya petitioning about the amassed wealth. In June 96, DMK led government filed the FIR against her. In 2001, Jaya came back to power, 2003 K Anbazhagan files to Supreme Court to transfer the proceedings outside of Tamil Nadu. On November 2003, SC moved the trial to Karnataka. In end of 2011 Jaya appears in person to court and answers the questions. In September 2014, all 4 convicted were sentenced.

The petition about Jaya was, she was misusing the office during her tenure on 91-96. There are properties and valuables are captured. DMK asked the court captured valuables to be provided back to Tamilnadu. But D’Chunha proposed that those assets should be transferred from RBI, Chennai to Bangalore. Trial of this case went through for 18 years. She was fined with 100 Crores and for second time Jaya resigning her CM post. Jaya might ask for bail, but court had long leave now meanwhile she was in Judicial custody in Parapana Agrahara. On October 5th, court might have the hearing on the same.

Disproportionate Asset case, this changed the history of Tamilnadu. It

laid the path for DMK to win the Assembly elections in 1996. In 2001 she regained the power and 2003 she resigned and again she became CM. She didn’t had much media support and some of the state plans collapsed her victory again DMK came into power on 2006, In 2011, she didn’t done any previous mistakes rather, she is a star of TN with the well designed plans. AMMA Unavagam, Jaya called as Amma (mother) in TN, in her name low price food courts opened with the quality food. She started revolution in TN’s GDP growth, which is next to Maharashtra. She is backed with the State planning commission which has Santha Sheela Nair (Retd. IAS) as a Vice-President.

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