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Che Guevara – Part 3

Celia, Che’s mother who fall from the grace now. She made her dining table as a solitaire play. Furniture in the house often disappeared. House not maintained well. Kids are not nourished in a best way. Che adjusted with his mother’s mentality or ignorance to go forward and taking the situation in his hand. Of course he is a kid, he made a practice to adjust from the situation which his house has given. He often wear the suits/shirts for a week. The famous quote ‘El Chancho’ “The pig” because of wearing the cloth for about a week. Situation becomes worse for him, friends of him use to call on the same name. His friends not dared to tell this name to his face. This helped him to survive in forest lands in later age.

It is a fashion or a new trend to have the new deodorant, shampoo, new food items. Che took a little towards a new culture. But, he found German and Russian literature work inspiring. He took it as seriously, he started reading their philosophies. He found Alfredo Palacios, Argentine leader for Socialist party. He started finding the new leaders who took socialism seriously. Still some of the leaders from Argentina found that Che as their inspirational leader. Peron is one of them. He might found that Fidel Castro as a Mussolini of East. He loves to read the books of Karl Marx, Das Kapital, The Communist Manifesto etc., books of Freud & Engels are favorite to him. He played rugby, he applied for San Isidro team, where his parents rejected this because of Che’s asthma. But he secretly plays rugby his favorite past time.

He played tennis, golf also piloted the planes where he played with his uncle. The toys are becoming bigger and bigger. He gradually growing up. He saw that people are dying with the diseases, himself he is the Asthma survivor. In 1947, he was asked to take care of his grand mother. He was there around her for a while. Suddenly she become ill, then Che tried to save her with the medicines. He come to know all the medicines which can take care of her. He treated her by himself, with the right dosages. But despite of his care, medicines didn’t saved her. This made him worry, when his right to choose for college, he chose Medicine, which changed his perspective entirely. He chose Medicine in Buenos Aires University. To support his studies and livelihood, he took his career as a Male nurse seriously. He is attentive to the details, but often he failed in insecticide ‘Atila’ with his partner.

When he was in college, he concentrated on studies. Politics was not cup of his tea. He shown little interest on it. He never considered the student movement. But, his vacation in College change his attitude towards socialism, marxism very much. The person who discovers the world, he discovering one of his own.

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