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Che Guevara – Part 5 (Back on the Road)

After he returned to the Argentina, he undertook remaining courses and completed his exams. He gained medical degree in 1953. He still want to know about Inca, Aztec and Mayan culture more and more. It deepens in his heart. Also he want to know the social, political and economic conditions of South American continent. In this back on the road, he was accompanied with Carlos “Calica” Ferrer his childhood friend. After this planned travel, Ernesto thought of going to European and Asian countries. 
He planned this trip from Buenos Aires to La Paz, Bolivia. He went through North Argentina and entered into La Quiaca in southern part of Bolivia. He found that newly formed government still need to do lot of reforms. When he entered La Paz, the reforms of from the new government nationalized the mines and industries. But there is no genuine improvisation in socio-economic reforms. The government was not ready to pursue policies for agrarian development. He tried to emphasize the social justice for poor and undeveloped mass people in Bolivia.
In September 1953, Ernesto and Calica left Bolivia again Ernesto met Peru. Again he revisited the Machu Picchu. Again the same hospital for leprosy, they welcomed them from their bottom of their hearts. They went to Lima and went to Ecuador. Bolivia’s political situation is getting better and worse. Military wants to suppress the inhabitants. He thought that, strong revolutionary movement can save them. When they joined Rojo in Ecuador, one of the student suggested that he need to join in the revolutionary movement. He was in league of his own, already he was a rebel full of thoughts about Marx and Communism. He want to revolutionist to save the masses from their dictatorship mentality governments. They planned to reach out Guatemala on the way they met exiled leaders. He found that US from their companies ruled the Costa Rica. I found similar situation in India that East India Company slowly came into power flourished over as British Government. Cuban police is an agent imposed of FBI. Everywhere southern part of North America and northern part of South America ruled by US in the mask of industries, rulers, dictators, military etc.,

When he went to Guatemala he found that is the place for exiled leaders and also met his future wife Hilda. Soon they become good friends and met Cuban exiles who has unsuccessful attempt on Military barracks. He saw the Cuban revolution through Hilda’s eyes. Suddenly everybody talking about Fidel Castro and Cuban revolution. His greatness, honest and Cuba given much respect towards Fidel Castro. When the books are Marxist books are translated, Ernesto thought, the money through translation will help him to travel further. Hilda helped in English translation to Spanish. He went to Mexico to see the ruins of Mayan architecture, but he felt Incas are better. He also served as Emergency attendant, when air rifle attack made on Guatemalan people. Hilda was jailed for her communist ideas and Ernesto offered to leave Argentina. Hilda escaped the jail and moved to Mexico so as Ernesto. In Mexico, Ernesto allowed to practice medicine.

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