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Che Guevara – Pt 6

When he know about the United Fruit Company which ruled Guatemala he criticized New Yorkers as a ‘gringos’ Yankees. He started to hate US military and UN which forcing to rule the other boundaries. In Mexico Hilda and Ernesto got married and he met Raul Castro. He was convinced for armed struggle, since Cuba or any Latin American country will not be take into power through proper elections. He want to change the Cuba from Imperialist country to socialist society. He strongly believed that, throughout their revolution they need to give the true power to people. From power to people to transitioning the social society can be achievable. He met Raul frequently and learnt that Fidel is coming to Mexico. Ernesto overwhelmed by the 26th July movement. Fidel arrived to Mexico and met Ernesto. This meeting changed everything in Ernesto’s life, where Che found that he was true Latin American.

Their talks gone around straight 10 hours. Now Ernesto knows what he want to do. They know each other now and they are going to fight against the mighty power of Batista. Ernesto believes that Fidel will bring his ideologies true. He also learnt that, if they are against Batista, FBI can watch them and bring US in between then they will collapse this revolutionary movement. They believed that Batista’s government corrupted at core and people wants to overthrow his government. Also believed that this government very well backed by the US Government. Fidel flies from Cuba to Mexico and US to get the funds for his guerrilla warfare training. Initially Ernesto thought joining in Fidel’s army as a doctor. Later couple moved to Cuba, which brought revolutionary change. Then the couple were separated due to the dangerous job which Ernesto taking up. Ernesto concentrated on diet, went for wrestling, Karate training. Fidel brought 80 members in training camp, Ernesto become finest camper in all those members.

Cuban comrades named Ernesto as “Che”, because Argentinians constantly says Che like ‘Hey buddy!’. He accepted the new nickname. Che and Fidel were arrested and kept in Mexico for few weeks. They suspected that Yankees might give the information to Batista.  Fidel paid huge sum of money to escape from Mexico along with Che and Calixto. Che once again separated from his wife due to the search and got the information from their acquaintance. Che, Fidel and their crew members moved from Mexico to Cuba for their 26th July movement.

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