26th July Movement · Cuba · Guerilla · Navy

Che Guevara – Pt 7 (26th July Movement)

At starting Guerilla force from 26th July movement attacked Santiago de Cuba to distract the naval and police station to draw the army. They got the Cuban Navy commander support who joined them recently on this movement. They started walking on mangrove swamp and muddy crush. Sooner they are attacked with sea and air attack. Since they are attacking in thick mangrove forest, it’s impossible to army to plan. After they survived with the sea attack, they moved forwarded to their targets. When they rested in Algeria de Pio, surprised attack made Guevara to fall down. 
He just escaped with the bullet crossing over him on the neck. 26th July movement people are scattered. Now there are about 12 people among, Che, Fidel and Raul Castro. Che treated with medically, to carry out the large stock of weapons and other things in forest it’s a risk and made their expedition slow.
Meanwhile Mexican and Cuban Government made the news that famous trio dead in expedition. But, General Bayo visited Hilda’s news when she was lost given the inspirational news that this news might be fake. Later-on Hilda received a Letter from Guevara stating his experience in the expedition. One bullet crossed his neck and bullet attacked his chest pocket. He survived both. At one time, one the farmer told to them, that building gone under attack. 
There are the soldiers who captivated it. Guevara and his army seized this opportunity and lit fire on the building. They captured the weapons, food and other things to go further. This movement treated their captivities as their own. Most of them joined back to this movement. In 1957, he have captured cities like Santiago, Bayamo, Guantanamo and Manzanillo. Their victory has been increased with the local peasants support.

Che become liked by his simplicity and only force’s doctor. His attitude, personality, character, naturalness, comradely attitude, originality, even none learned these qualities.

Che made wounded soldiers to re-join them. He became a good and bold leader for them. He had group of soldiers in his team. They do lot of difficult tasks. They are selfless people, who dedicated to the column. After seeing Peasant’s support Che and his army respected their belongings and properties. They called their new union as “Free Territory of Cuba”.

In Sierra Maestra they started the new tactics of ambushing this made major setback to Batista’s army. In 1958, Guevara’s army planned widely to give a set-back to Batista’s army. Support increased to “Free territory of Cuba” movement. So many soldiers from Batista’s army were captured. Guevara instinct on Batista’s army never failed. He had the ability to see the things on mind’s eye in the battlefield. He set out the traps for the army. Provinces, towns were captured. Peasants openly support the movement, they gave food, guide them, they become movement’s strength. 

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