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Hong Kong – Chinese controlled region

In 1997, when Hong Kong joined with China, promised to be “special administrative region” and “high autonomous region” people believed this will be true. When Milton Friedman talking about free to choose, a well known economist told that Hong Kong is one finest example of free market. 

Now China turned out and said that it will take some of the control from Hong Kong region. Also told that there will be 2017 elections in which People Liberation’s army will announce the candidates, whom to participate in the elections. People annoyed with the decision, how come single party can decide about participating the election. Then Hong Kong decided it should be democratic country, they should ruled democratically. Since, its a free market, it had more per capita income than China. 
Joshua from “Scholarism” movement leading the people movement, to halt the central activities. He had been arrested and later released. Protesters slept at the highways disrupting the activities of government. Even Government warned against the protesters. Protesters asking for more freedom and degree of democracy. It believed the Tienanmen Square incident re-visited again where thousands of students where killed in that protest. 
Also, in China social media has been restricted. The news about Hong Kong was not leaked to them. Media purely controlled by Chinese government. Police backfiring the protesters but “Occupy Central” still continues. The Civil unrest in Hong Kong affected the business transactions. Hong Kong has the people all around from Asia, importantly India and its neighboring countries. Since protest are from students and it got its momentum. Harsh imprisonments and social media restrcitions are expected from the government.

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