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Che Guevara – Pt 8

Guevara convinced various leaders to fight against Batista’s government. All the respective leaders are accepted to fight against government. They publicly harassed Batista’s dictatorship and gone to communications sets to tell about the revolution and Batista’s dictatorship. But Batista called for the elections, where Fidel believed this election might corrupted. So he asked citizens to not to vote and boycott the elections. 
This made Batista anger and made shoot out against public citizens. And guerillas supported the people went against the police force. When Che marching in Escambray Mountains met Aleida March whom he later married after divorcing Hilda. She joined 26th of July movement in 1956. She served as a courier, messenger throughout the movement. 
In later, leadership took its decision to stay with Che’s army and it’s too risk to go further on normal duties in the movement. She shortly served as personal secretary to Che. She also handled M1 rifle.
Army later on captured Escambray Mountains, Highways, Railroads etc., they got their strategic points and provinces. His army made to forcing surrender, so as Batista’s army. 
They released them after surrendering and most of them joined back in his army. In December 1958 they have captured, communication hubs, transportation of Las Villas. These made them to get about 150,000 inhabitants. Guevara’s force increased to 3,200 which contains rural guards, soldiers and police force. Revolutionary Directorate joined Guevera’s army which acted as joined forces. 
Guerillas returned to Havana, in the city, troops are surrendered to Guevera’s army. Batista ordered air attack against the people and the city. Civilian people are terrorized by the attacks. Over Radio Rebelde Castro ordered surrender of army and asked Che to return Havana.
 He asked Che to take over the La Cabana Fortress. Which was the entrance to Havana and its harbor. It is the major bastion for Batista’s army. Meanwhile Che expressed his love with Aleida. While Che reached to the fortress, soldiers unconditionally sub-ordinated the Che’s army. This made Batista’s dictatorship to fall. Also people of Havana provided unconditional support to Che.  Fidel marched towards Santiago de Cuba and captured Fortress.

Meanwhile Britain and United States recognized Earl Smith supporter of Batista as Cuba’s new

government. Where Latin American people recognized Fidel as their new leader. At the age 31, Fidel is one of the strongest leader in Cuba. Che earned Fidel’s complete confidence. Since Che didn’t got political ambitions, he has chosen Che as Cuba’s comrade. Their relationship was really close and their thoughts are similar. Soon Fidel provided some important leadership to Che. In 1959 Rebel Army started commission to prosecute Batista dictatorship’s murderers, Thugs and Torturers.

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