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Che Guevara – Pt 9

When US campaigned against these tribunals, Fidel counterattacked in media stating that Nuremburg trials against Germany and Nazis. Also, the news of Batista’s regime came out which their accounts in now Television, News, Radio, Magazines etc., Then their new government formed and Fidel as their leader. Gadea accepted divorcing Che and Che got married Aleida. Also Che got the Cuban citizenship. Fidel announced the agrarian reforms, where landless peasants benefited through these laws. When sugar stocks down in NYSE, Che involved in acquiring US sugar firms in Cuba and provided agrarian reforms. Che became closest advisor to Fidel.

Che travelled to Yugoslavia, Middle east countries to strengthen the relationships for Cuba. He met leaders like Jospeh Tito of Yugoslavia, Abdel Nasser of Egypt, Ahmed Ben Bella of Algeria, Mao Tse tung of China and Jawaharlal Nehru of India.

When he came to India from Egypt he found India didn’t deserted like the country Egypt. He found some similarities from Cuba. But he found India to be vastly to be improved in Agriculture, Women Empowerment, Technology, Industrialization, Manufacturing Technology, research and etc., but he found theoretical and statistics Indians are masters on those fields. He travelled to villages about 40 Kms from Delhi to Haryana and met villagers. Who still having Kerosene stoves, similar conditions in landless people like in pre-independence of Cuba. He felt the existence English colonization by the local landlords. He got dealings for the local products for Cuba’s sugar market. He had his full sympathy for the local peasants.

Che returned Cuba in August 1959 and Fidel given the Agrarian reforms and Industrial revamp in Cuba. Che rewarded with Ministry of Industrialization. Also Che involved in creating the friendly environment with foreign relations. He concentrated with Socialist countries in Asia, Africa and Middle East. He believed India can play major role in social economic in future.

He then had secret negotiation with Soviet Union stating the nuclear missiles in Cuba. Then US

threatened Soviet Union to remove the nuclear missiles. He starting to create the third world from Asia, African countries were these countries are pre-colonized countries. For them First world are US colonized countries and Second world are Soviet dominated countries they sought for their socio-economic development and rapid industrialization.

In December 1964, he reached United States, New York. He visited CBS for the show called “Face the nation” where Malcom X involved in this program. Malcolm X said “He is one of the most revolutionary men in this country now”. Che admired by public.

Then he made a public speech in General Assembly. He condemned US for their military action in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Also their imperialist role in Congo. He lauded Cuba that they are trying to build the socialism and their economic towards development. He denied that he was not an Orthodox communist but a revolutionist in “look” magazine. 

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