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Che Guevara – Pt 10 (End)

He went to Soviet Union and met Nikita Khrushchev. He also got advice from Soviet Union and he implemented material incentives to labors to increase Sugar production in Cuba. When he came back in 1965, he is ready to resign his all positions and to fight against imperialism. Soviet Union against the interests of Che, but their revolution reminded their Russian revolution. His honesty, naturalism, attitude discovered new friends and fans. They believed he might believing in Maoism, Trotskyite and armed revolutionary. 
He suddenly disappeared from the public. He led the secret mission in the Third world in Africa. Congo is new target for him. He made the training base and also tried to bring down the white regime in South Africa. He come to know there are the leaders who are corrupt and lack of discipline with them. They lost their local population support. He knew that is impossible with these things. 
He again thought of going back to South America to support their Latin American expedition. However Nelson Mandela from South Africa and the leaders from other countries like Angola, Namibia, and Zimbabwe thanked Che for his work towards their independence. Cubans came out as doctors, teachers, soldiers, agricultural experts but never occupied other people lands.
In 1966, he secretly returned to Cuba. Immediately after his return, he planned his new mission. This time he selected Bolivia for a revolution. This was his final mission in South America. Bolivia is much like Nepal and surrounded with lots of mountains. He traveled through Andes, Santa Cruz. Its economy survived by growing Sugar, Cotton, Rice, oil and cocaine. But he thought to select the locations like Peru, Argentina. He believed Bolivia can make a change in Latin-American people. He also considered Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil, but he wasn’t so serious on starting revolution in these countries.
Che arrived in Bolivia on November 1, 1966. He entered Bolivia by landing in Sao Paolo, Brazil. He disguised with Bald Head and clean-shaven. He had Uruguay passports. He coordinated with Cuban Army ranked soldiers. He had disagreement with Monje in leading the movement. He was able to train about 20 Bolivians, same as trained as Cuban guerilla movement. Un-employed mine people are recruited in movement. There are some Peruvians came to the training camp they are get trained and get back to their respective countries to start the movements. Unlike Cuba, localities supported both revolution and government. 
They use to give the information about Che’s whereabouts. This brought major setback to Che’s army. Bolivian soldiers started occupying the Che’s army bases. Later on October 8th Che was captured. It is believed, this was happened due to the non-availability of medicine for his asthma. He was arrested along with his guerilla armies. From October 8th night to morning, Che got interrogated. 
There is a CIA agent among them. Even in interrogation he still felt about the revolution. Che made walkout to the nearby school house in La Higuera. There they executed Che. Che knows one day he will face this kind of death. Che’s body kept for exhibition for about 24 hours. The revolutions in Bolivia failed is either it’s too early to have the revolution. Because it got the liberty from its own revolution. Next is people are not yet ready for the revolution or they can’t understand why they need fight for their rights.

Che become revolution’s icon his posters, T-shirts, posed that he was the hero of any revolution. It inspires the leftist world. His ideologies and his warfare recognized widely. His rebel attitude portrayed in youth culture. Che’s failure in Bolivia helped regimes to re-look their oppressive nature. 

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