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Playing it my way – Sachin Tendulkar

I think this book could be the hallmark book for Indian cricket fans. Sachin tendulkar is demi god for many Indians. In 90’s I was told that couple of youngsters are making debut in Indian cricket. One is Kambli and another one is Sachin Tendulkar. That time, fan craze are with Kapil Dev. He got world record of wickets and good all-rounder in his time. Good captain indeed got World cup in his name for India.

His top knocks with Pakistan, England and West Indies made him popular. Those times Azharuddin is a contemporary batsman with style and elegance he become a match winner. Indian made him as a captain for the 96 world cup. But Sachin Tendulkar steal the show in this world cup. After 96 world cup exit, Manoj Prabhakar, Vinod Kambli too lost the chances in cricket team. But Sachin got his own cool never entered into controversies. His attitude towards the game is never changed. Once Brian lara told that, he was in a form in every match. How did he made it, Practice, Practice… He hardly made into parties. Then Dravid, Ganguly, Laxman entered into cricket.

In 98, Sharjah cup against Australia, he made spectacular innings, its nearly night 12’o clock, even though India lost the match, nearly it won the battle. Next match its a final, again he got the century and India won the cup. In 99, nearly a match winning innings against Pakistan, when we lost our hearts to Sachin’s batting.

Those are the golden days to Indian cricket. They call them as a Fantastic Four. Once Don Bradman told his wife to watch, Sachin Tendulkar that he is playing similar shots of his own batting. Then Tendulkar given a salute to his master, that photograph made millions of dollars in Australia. His unique straight shot, its unstoppable. The new bowlers are always challenging, he given his precious time to them. Andy Caddick told that, he can take a wicket by bouncers. Little Sachin never thought about that. In 2003 world cup, He went straight, hit sixers in bouncers. For Andy Caddick its nearly a career ending bowling. He breaks the ice when he scored Double century in One Day Internationals against South Africa. I still remember that cafeteria got full crowd on that day in our company.

When he announced his retirement in International cricket, will be the player like him will ever born. What a player, what a character.

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