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Karl Marx – Part 1

“Workers of the world – unite!” it is written on the tomb of this famous person called Karl Marx. To complete the sentence, “Workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains” this famous quote written in Communist Manifesto. Karl marx is a father of socialism, communism and philosopher for modern employees. When the King  & Soldier, Merchant & Slave methodology got failed, the technologies improvised to provide quality products, Employee and Employer were born. His ideologies are followed in the third world.

Ancestrally Jewish, Marx born to Heinrich Marx and Henrietta Pressburg on 5th May 1818. He born at Kingdom of Prussia. His father Heinrich had a liberal political views hence, he converted from Judaism to Protestant Christianity, which is predominant sect in Germany and Prussia at that time. Heinrich was a man of enlightenment, he was interested in ideologies and philosophies of Immanuel Kant & Voltaire. Heinrich also participated in agitation to form a constitution in Prussia. Henrietta was possessed by a motherly love nature and always thought about the cleanliness at home. Heinrich ideologies are with liberal humanists. Heinrich is not only a good father, also shown his side of humanity to the society.

Henrietta from a prosperous family, her family later found the Philips Electronics by Gerard Philips. Henrietta contrary with her husband, she belongs to Judaism and their cults. Until 1830 Karl Marx was educated privately in Trier High school. Hugo Wyttenbach, friend to Heinrich also a liberal humanist, raided by police several times.

On October 1835, at the age of 17, he joined University of Bonn. He also joined in Trier Tavern Club drinking society also served club’s co-president. Due to his academics fall down, his father transferred to University of Berlin. Karl Marx again rejuvenated his studies with Jeny won westphalen and engaged with her. She also ignored the ruling class of her own community for Karl Marx. Law and Philosophy fascinated Marx, it made him to be Hegelian. 

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