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Karl Marx – Part 2 (Hegelian)

Karl Marx greatly adored by the Hegel’s Philosophy, then himself he called as Hegelian. Hegel has the theory of humanity and dialects. Hegel followed the footsteps of Socrates. Hegel become the teacher to Marx in the Berlin University, about 20 years of age Karl Marx become a revolutionist having new ideas. Hegel written the books about History, Philosophy, Institution and social reality.
Phenomenology of spirit
The Philosophy of History
Philosophy of Right
Science of Logic
In these books, he formed an Idea about how the society is made, behavioral thesis, reality in history process, disguise of mind, mistakes of human being of that time, historical dialectical movement, conflict-free society, logical thinking, arguments,  reasoning etc., Totally it shows the humanity and its behavior and how should it pass through.
Marx rejected the idea of Religion and Philosophy should go hand-in-hand. He told that he is against gods of heaven and of earth who do not recognize man’s self-consciousness as divinity’. He found that religion is suffering, soulless condition & it’s like opium to people. He thought that abolition of religion will provide real happiness among the people.
Through Hegel’s ideologies, Marx developed his own. Young Hegelian developed his ideas of philosophies, aspirations and self-understanding. Also he become a critique of Hegelian and discharged the religion ideas. Marx also written an essay criticizing about Hegel’s philosophy later. But he liked the ideas of logical thinking, conflict-free society, reasoning etc.,

Young Hegelians debated themselves and written the thesis about post-Aristotle ideas. Difference between Democritus’ and Epicurus, Philosophy of Nature’. They are interested in Greek philosophies about human and critiques. Hegel’s school become a complete playground for the young Hegelians. Rather constructing a view, they build a strong ideas. He started argued about Prometheus, Alexandrine, and Aeolus from Greek History.  A practical approach on these stories, titanic struggles, Athens, differed from Hegel’s philosophies.

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