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Karl Marx – Part 3

Post-Doctoral dissertation, he went to Prussia and he continued to write to young Hegelians. Bruno Bauer another Hegelian writing thesis about newly born secularism. He believed that Christianity is the worst religion and it’s created by Jews. Bauer completely criticized Hegel’s book of Phenomenology of Spirit, which created rave in the University of Berlin.

Bruno Bauer

Bauer started the journal name Archives of Atheism, Marx as its co-author. This project never came off. Bauer’s other projects related to Anti-Christ and Atheist become a huge hit.
Meanwhile, Marx become a writer for Rhineland News. He prepared long essays to be published in the newspaper. Marx writings are changing while he is interested on political views and anti-cynical. Also dealt with Freedom of press. He believed that free press can be an eye-opener of the people’s spirit.
In 1842, he struggled to get an opportunity to publish his articles, radical political views, thus he moved to Cologne to publish. At that time, Cologne known place for liberal opposition views. Liberal group had their own newspaper The Rhenish Gazette, where they thought Marx writings will provide star attraction to their movement. Marx met Moses Hess who organizes, socialist meetings. 1843, his articles are started publishing. Government threatened to arrest him for his writings. He fled over to Paris with his fiancé and become editor for the political journal called Franco German Annals.
David Friedrich Strauss
This is designed for French socialism and radical Hegelianism. Here he met his lifelong friend called Friedrich Engels. Along with Engels, Bauer & Micheale Bakunin are the co-authors for this journal. In June 1843, he tied a nuptial knot to Jenny. Again Karl Marx joined with Bauer along with David Strauss to write a critique about Hegel’s book, “Phenomenology of spirit” & “Philosophy of law”, Marx expressed the futuristic view, “property, contract, marriage, civil society” are there mottos on this book. Marx didn’t know the path how it leads its way to democracy. More re-iteration of Philosophy of law become the law of future.

Those days Marx use to write essays and summaries from the books by the near libraries. There are about extensive notes about various fields. Apart from reading, he writes critique for the journals. He believed a house to hold the people’s representatives. Also, criticized the bureaucracy how its privileged working for House of Lords.

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