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Indian Musical League

Thought of writing fictitious event of DMV (Dance, music and voice) then changed my mind. This is because we have so many events on Dance and Voice. Airtel Super Singer, Indian Idol, Bol Baby Bol, etc., called as singing competitions. We don’t know where these musicians are existing. Then there will be local single orchestra doubting there will be fair chance to them. Dance, like there double or triple times of dance programs around in India and telecasted as daily soaps in India. Dance baby dance, Maanada Mayilaada, Dhee, Aata, DID (Dance India Dance). This is the reason I took my step back. Even though the classical forms of singing and dancing are not available, but they are trying to collect all the classical forms to place in these programs.

As far as music, I didn’t find much space here. Doordarshan people started calling it as Boring box, only sold out in Villages. I can able to see that DTH service are available in villages too. But still those who are not having the Set top box and DTH they are enjoying the Doordarshan events. That is the only place I found Indian music alive. Otherwise you know how it goes. What is all about Indian Music league., its an idea which came in my mind. Having the team of music players from the different states with individual performance and team performance which provides fruitful results. Also making these leagues in most of the towns nearly 100 places in India, so that most of them can watch the events. Tiruvayyaar and Tanpur are one of those destinations.

 Even western and our classical rounds can be entered. We can have about 15 teams including North-eastern states. People will started buying the musical instruments, in universities, musical subject will be flourished. So many gurus and sishyas will be created. Gurukuls might be started. Many Grammies came for India. Oscars every season has one nominee from India. This event will goes for 6 months and the finals on December. Karnataka dedicate their music to Basavanna, Tamil nadu dedicate their music for Thyagaraja, Andhra goes for Annamayya, Kerala found Chenda melam as its iconic instrument. Assam came with Dhol, rarest Saringa is for Tripura.

Mridangam, Veena, Sitar, Violin, Tabla and Flute become common musical instruments of all. Piano, Violin, Guitar and Drums are become basic instruments of western musical.

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