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VMware vCenter SRM: Concepts, Architecture

Disaster Recovery at Half the Cost

Lower the cost disaster recovery by up to 50 percent by reducing the DR footprint through hyper-converged infrastructure that runs on any x86 platform, simplifying protection through VM-centric policy-based replication and decreasing operational expenses through DR automation

One-Click Recovery

Provision and manage storage and replication policies at the virtual machine level. Setup centralized recovery plans in minutes. Enable individual tenants to provision disaster protection through pre-defined policies. Perform fully automated orchestration of site failover, planned migrations and failback with a single click.

Test to Rest

Perform automated testing of recovery plans in an isolated network to avoid impacting production applications. Test recovery plans as frequently as needed without disruption to ensure predictability of recovery time objectives (RTO) and to simplify regulatory compliance

No Apps Left Behind

Expand DR protection to all virtualized applications through flexible, cost-effective vSphere Replication, application-agnostic disaster recovery automation by Site Recovery Manager, support for a broad range of array-based replication products available through all major storage partners and cloud-based disaster recovery services available through the VMware Service Provider ecosystem.

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