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Azhar Azhaar!!!

In recent trailer of Azhar, it brought lot of memories. Somewhere in 92, there is a test match, India playing the second innings with Australia. When majority batsman got out, my father said its time to Azhar. I asked him who is he, my father replied he is the shining star of Indian team. Why his name sounds different, he told he is a muslim. I never met muslim friends at that age. Father told, how he glancing the ball, the perfect cricketer. He scored the fighting century. I need to admit, I changed over from Sidhu paaji to Azharuddin, his glance, class cricketing skills, his fielding at fast outfield was impeccable.

I tried his best shots in cricket ground, whenever my team in trouble, I played slow and steady cricket full of Azharuddin and Laxman shots to save my team. Those days we have about 16 overs per innings. My team feels like, the kind of batsman we require along with Aggressive batsmen to rotate the strike. After 96 world cup, Kambli, Prabhakar reports stunned India, the match against India vs Srilanka (Semifinals) in world cup made Azharuddin value less cricketer in India. He fought a war against the comments. Second marriage made his life even more miserable with the external pressure.

At Titan cup, the poor decision of umpire made him out from the match. The replays shows that is notout, The crowd in stadium asked umpire to retake the decision and big shout about 40000 people are fighting against umpires within the barricaded stadium even Tendulkar can’t console them. Azharuddin ran into crowd, running at boundary lines to calm the people. The fanfare for him, one will findout those time. He crossed Desmond Haynes record in ODIs. Caught in 99 world cup scam. Even though his style is remarkable. He didn’t played most of the matches and got retire.

Once India’s poster boy, given rest to his bat and fielding skills. He made a decision to be an MP and he won it. My mom usually tells me, you shout Azhar Azhaar!!! at my teen ages. Some of his best innings below,

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