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It is called Sitar!!!

Friend: You played a Veena on Facebook rite.
Me: No I am not played on Facebook, I played on the floor and uploaded it on Facebook. By the its not Veena its Sitar.

Friend2: You played it well. But why are you handling Guitar like that…
Me: Thanks for the compliments, its sitar by the way.

Friend3: You had a very good talent, What is that instrument by the way?
Me: It is Sitar.

Friend4: What is difference between Sarod and Veena?
Me: Instrument, strings, size, its history, style everything is different.
Friend4: You played Veena very well.
Me: Oh its sitar by the way.

Friend5: Where do you got interest on this instrument?
Me: I had a passion for many years to play Sitar. Now I am living in my dream.

Friend6: What man you are multi-talented? Why don’t you play Cinema music on that?
Me: I will try next time.

Colleague: You have not played well in the middle. I observed it. From when are you playing this.
Me: For past three months Sir.
Colleague: Then you well improved I say.

Friend7: When you brought Veena
Me: It is called Sitar!!!

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