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Binding books done here

Now there are many schools has been re-opened and kids with school books, smelling that newish book feeling amazing experience. Back to school days! where we enjoy the new text books, notebooks etc., Before its getting torn, my mom complaint to the father, his book is getting torn. We need to give his books for binding.

My dad won’t leave this matter. Yes because it told by mom :). He went to Golden Book House, it will be at Aminjikarai (Chennai), near to that Aminjikarai bridge with gushing waters. He need best board sheet, which is replica of cardboard cover. Buying the thread, which is not exact replica of nylon but its better. Gum is onepart, where it should be cheaper than Fevicol and stronger than Camilin ink. So its some kind of smelly gum, which gives good adhesive in nature. Or he will normally prepares the gum at home with some kind of maida.
The needle which he used, you might used for gunny bag. Also he stolen the idea from our area cobbler, the different type of needle, which partially got cut near to the sharpen end. He put a hole with the needle at joints, give some thread end of the needle and pull it back, its like stitching the new bedsheet. He apply the canvas cloth and the binding sheet, later he will put a adhesive on it. Later we will apply the design covers on it or Text book front cover on it.
Initially we put covers on the Binding, normally it could be the Gift covers (papers). Then its hard to identify the text book, also I saw my friends having text book cover on the binded books. To cope up the market competition, my dad at-last cut the text book cover page and attached it on front. But back cover will be remains our ideas on that.
Most of the binding books are sold good price in Second hand sales. My friend’s parent asked me who will do the binding for you., we use to tell, that we will do it our home. Such a thick binding he ever seen., Then I don’t like that thickness, because I am then grown up kid, given to printing press. Even they cut the edges and give it us like a new book. Those binding books at home are household business for many people, hanging the board their entrance. “Binding books are done here”

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