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BBMP and Big Trash League

When other countries are started thinking about the Centralized government, India is the country which looked the governance which needs to be de-centralized. This brought the third-level government so called local governance for cities it is Municipality corporation and in villages it will be Panchayat. These local governance elected members will take care of local and area-wise issues. Under the 12th Schedule (Article 243 W) inserted in 74th Amendment Act on 1992 such municipalities needs to take care of 18 provisioned items, it includes

1) Solid waste management
2) Street lights
3) Roads and bridges
4) Town planning
5) Maintaining parks and gardens

I checked out BBMP’s performance for past 3 years, here are some of the findings I got

There are about 9,400 complaints registered from 2012-2015
In that about 2,000 complaints are ‘In Progress’
About 22 complaints are resolved.
Percentage of resolved complaints are about 2.3%

Most of the cases are about

Garbage Collection
Street dogs menace
Street lights
Road Humps issue.

Garbage collection topping the list of complaints. About 1500+ complaints are about garbage issues, mainly about garbage collection. Usually here in Bangalore the garbage is collected by BBMP contractor employees. If its not collected for some days it will be thrown on roads, street corners, vacant areas etc., This has been notified many times to BBMP still these issues are not streamlined properly.

Seriously are we playing the Big Trash League in Bangalore.

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