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Thinking inside and outside of the box

At World War 2, that is the time when Pearl Harbor incident took place. USA seriously thinking about reality. FDR thinking about the courage, weapons, soldiers. Nobody ready to go forward in the panic situation. Finally they started thinking about what they got, in reality they are not superior in that situation. In dark of night new plan arises and they got into new situation. Available weapons, flights, brave and smart soldiers given the opportunity lived up their dream. Given surprise attack and earned the respect back.
Way back in China, when their policies made impossible to come back, Xiaoping made a herculean effort to bring back China’s economy in normal mode. We can say from that time, China’s economy become global economy.
Nevertheless to say, these two stories are two examples of thinking inside and outside of the box. 
Synergy, this is most interesting word, when organizations got merged with each other or got into joint ventures they started thinking about the possible outcomes. They start thinking about the new opportunities to bring out their best. Legacy products will be strengthened and new products introduced, by the new alliances. This will be influenced by capabilities and capacities of the organization. Smart thinkers and internal management always brainstorm with the new ideas and excite the organization.
When I think about the SWOT analysis, business starts with opportunities available at outside. Most entrepreneurial immediate success was due to the opportunities which came on their way. New way of telling stories, solving the complicated issues, inspiring products which impress the customers. In same context one who helps the business grabs the opportunity by understanding the complexity. 
Organizations when thinking through convergent, also should give the opportunity to divergence. Creative and innovative thinking bring down many complexities. Not only brainstorming also understanding the outside world of opportunities make organizations grow.

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