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Who is he?

ID cards are issued at IT lab, all the teaching and non-teaching members are required to get the ID cards from IT Lab. “Jonny your help required at IT lab, can you please go there and help Computer Science department. Sure sir. Wow, how he smiles, like a child.” Invitation card printed for VVIP addressing. Be careful students, when you are asking questions one should not rebel. That moment not only you are giving college bad name, also in your life that could be worst moment.

“Sir, come on, our department Humanities and Science ID cards are ready. We take it then.” You wait here, and make ready of all departments ID cards too.” Ok sir I nodded. One of the Senior lecturer came from ECE department, “What still ID card not ready for my department, how important that event, I will not allow any ID cards distributed without our ID cards are ready.”

“Jonny come, we can have tea and come”. Sir, still some works are pending. “Come da”, How your works are going, they given me the work of monitoring students. Yes sir, for your appearance that will be suitable. Yes he is about 6.2 feet, there are police vans at college, couple of Police persons saluted my colleague. He said, “My dream is to be a Police officer, seems like that one has fulfilled now”. On next day, same colleague came in a Safari suit looks like CBI officer, same respect among Police. This time, helicopter flying over the college. Police, Z+ security & full hungama and tension in our college.

All the seats are filled, at last minute, our department HOD convinced security and provided seats to watch the event. Event starts at 02:45 PM, but there is huge applause at 02:42 PM. With all the security that VVIP came into the dias. With a smiling face, his face already printed in huge banner and kept at dias background. He waved people and humble namaskar and we all sat. Time is exactly 02:45. Chairman started given the speech, “before he become the President of India, I given his name to the newly built block. He is People’s President.”

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