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Who is he? Pt. 2

After testimonial read by our Chairman, he stood up and started
reading his speech. Its started in formal manner, lauding about Engineers,
Architects, Doctors, Lawyers, Management students etc., Somewhere he sensed his
speech got into boring. He diverted the topic, started inspirational mode.
Talked about Quality, Time and Service. Everybody should think about these
three qualities in their life. 
Whatever you do deliver in a way that will
provide the value. Additional quality will lead to success. Don’t provide lame
excuses, procrastination is not ethical way. Don’t delay any works assigned to
you. Be genuine and do it in timely manner. Give yourself, immense on the work
you do. Do the work to society, be polite your higher officials, kind to
Finally questionnaire started, first
question itself, nobody expected that question. Sir, do you think we can
nullify the scams and bribes. He answered genuinely, at present time, we are
finding many scams yes! But if you think you can stop it. Don’t give bribe to
anybody in future. One have to start from themselves. Then their friends,
neighbors, street, and town at last it will definitely deliver to your country.
Second question, sir which religion you are following. I don’t like people
calling me with particular religion. I had all respects to all religions. I
always like to call myself as a good human being.

Finally we took a oath, he included that
we will not give bribe and we will try to nullify the bribe in future. He is
none other than Dr. Abdul Kalam. 

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