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Votes and Shares

When I saw photo on The Sun article I got bit emotional.
What is happening around us? Seriously whole family drowned and a dead kid
taken by a soldier, where I can’t stop my tears. Something unstoppable
throughout my mind. Humanity become down and value for local politics are high.
Still India and Pakistan having border issues. What is going on? Malaysia &
Singapore, North Korea & South Korea are well connected with boundaries,
which was stopping them to re-unite. How long we need to see the crying faces
of relatives bidding a Good-bye.
I felt bad when I am hearing the Visa to go to some
countries. What making them to stop.
The resources which are occupied by the nation or some
places to be equally given to people. Government making sure that all the
people are getting the resources which they are planned for. In same way
organizations plan their wealth to invest and making stock holders happy.
Investing and Re-investing in company provide to do more business in
This is the way stock holders are key to the business when a
company going for public. If company’s share percentage are high in public,
then sentiment of the company should organize themselves how to do better to
energize the customers. New ideas, products, applications, will be created to
impress their shareholders. If company doesn’t do well, they loss their
Governments has voters as their shareholders, if they are
going against to their sentiments they lost the trust. Organizations similarly
lost their value on the market. Leveraging and balancing the acts, they had
their policies to do that, which is inevitable. Apart from that, even though
big organizations often fail to understand the external pressures. They had no control
to think which is good or bad.
For example if employees required good ambience in company,
either company took it as a policy or government should enforce the
organization to provide. If both are not present, it assumed as it is not
required by the organization. But if its affects their business model, then
surely without any question Organization will provide the facility.

Governments work on their past experiences, current issues, planning
to develop their infrastructure, public spending etc., what if they had neighboring
country issues, they will react if it affects their country. Because it is not
required by their voters.

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