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Its a long time that we I am going outside for a change, we go to theatres, malls, restaurants, theme parks etc., It has been a long time for me, recently I quit watching TV course planning to close the access of long time social media too. I am telling myself to concentrate on my career and future. Last two to three months I am being concentrating on technology, reading lot of technical books, writing in a notebook teaching myself. Often I am passionate on these readings. I don’t know when I am starting and when I am finishing. It affects my personal life too., I know this could be bad planning, I thought treating myself to go to theater. While searching the new movies released in, I found lot of plays around. At weekend you can found 5-6 plays running in your favorite places. In Bangalore at Alliance De- Francaise, Ranga Shankara, Kengel Hanumanthaiah Hall, Yours Truly etc.,

Even sports events can be booked from this website, events we need to filter which could be solely upon your interest. Workshops, arts, dance, pop festival, music shows, dramas, plays apart from movies you can see lot many things going around you. Recently I went to “Freedom Ban’d” before the show I thought this show may show-cast the secularism thoughts. To fool me, that is different, the timing took by actors are impeccable.

The questions they ask us and the answers are in the play. Its really interesting, I never saw grasping power by the fellow person. I am truly amazed, the answers which we provided that is acted not by only one person, group of people without any mistakes arranging themselves put it as a story and theme wow! what a wonderful moment and I need to upgrade the skills at snapping the fingers. Seconds all they take, within 5 or 10 seconds your imaginary play is ready before you. I wonder how can they do that.

I supported the views of banning slaughter house, they really took it forward and made the play immediately with my views. Most important thing is your view and your imagination brought up in the play and viewed by 100s of viewers next to you. Others contrary views, supporting it, all other views too played here. Another interesting story told by fellow viewer about language barriers and eve teasing in college, that is absolutely played by actors. I give 100% percent to that play.

I think myself, I am not doing the things spontaneously. The skill required absolute knowledge, listening carefully, thought process should be faster than any IOPS or any bandwidth speed., First you need to be more comfortable, which gives you confident. I hope this theater will cherish and bloom more and more.

All the best to Yours Truly theater!!!

There details are below,
No 1, 1st floor, 17th E cross, CMH Rd, Bangalore, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560075
097405 00100

Website –

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