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October 22nd

October 22nd most important day in my life, its not about that I went for an vacation on this day. Or Amaravathi born in this day and emerged Andhra Pradesh’s new Capital City. More than that, when I travelled to Mysore for an vacation, the inter-tourist who are unable to satisfy our needs, normally our family use to adjust, I use to complain then everybody tolerate the pain. This time, family stood for me and denied touring with the travel service provider.

Especially my sister-in-law, she spoke for me and cancelled the tour. I know this could be may be the biggest disaster if they none are avail for tour in Mysore, where we don’t know anybody in this City., either we need to disturb our friends back in Bangalore, which I don’t like to do it. My brother stood for this cause and went to tour provider, and claimed that seats arranged in the bus doesn’t suitable for us. Guide already stopped us visiting the Art Gallery and told my Mom and Dad can’t visit the Zoo, because that could be time consuming also he needs more money than tour charges.

Tour provider denied the charges and told that he can’t give the money back, later accepted he can provide half of the money. My brother told his secret mantra to him, immediately he returned full money back., My brother who didn’t know Kannada, first time visiting the city I wondered how he managed to get the full amount back. Can’t learn the secret though. Later we spent half day in Zoo with my family along with my parents. Then visited Scintillating beautiful Brindavan Gardens.

I learnt so many things in this day., you can try to fix the things even its screwed your happiness. Also be polite on the things which you don’t like, try to keep others understanding your views., which they can understand and later we can have good decisions. If we involved whole team, everybody in a team can play important role and make the trip enjoyable.

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