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Power of Power Cut

We know that our cities are power-hungry states not denoting
about the political power, emphasizing the electricity supply. Recently
Bangalore announced about 4 hours of power cuts. It became hot topic for some
more days. Frightening laptops, draining batteries, mobile rechargers, TV sops,
gaming consoles and device making our boring time pass ease. Some stick in
books, music, sports etc.,
I am able to see that 4 year old child stick in Mobile
gaming device, straight 4 to 6 hours’ time killing device which I can mention.
I might be harsh, but they are not enjoying their childhood. Next cartoon,
comedy, dance shows which they got attracted with. Along with parents they are
watching their favourite hero movies in TVs and in theatres.
Some may defend the cause of Africa for children, course
they are taking guns instead of books and soccer ball. But back at home kids
playing virtually those games. I don’t know what psychiatrists says for this,
but definitely can say this they are missing their childhood. One of my close aide
told that I should have the Invertor in my home. At power cuts that could be
useful, myself I spent most of my time at computers. Power cuts providing some
time to speak with my family. Planning for weekend etc.,
There are some awesome data collected at family courts that
33 percent of divorce cases came down power cuts. Spending time with the family
got increased. Differences straightened up. I am hardly see that children
speaking with their neighbors, playing village Olympics around, surrounded with
the gang. Bringing friends to their home, etc.,

Power cuts which giving our childhood alternatives, speaking
with neighbors, ringing relatives and friends, especially with family members.
May power cuts prevail for a while!!!

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