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Stumble and humble – Shiroor Farms

After half-a-dozens of booking, one of the Farm house shed light on our booking. Once we entered into Mysore then Zoo., we are tired and get in the mode of rest. Because 10 KMs of walking, might be around 20k steps we walk through the zoo. White Tiger, Giraffe, Lion, Elephant, Hippopotamus and what not. I stopped some where and told, see there is a human, everybody looked inside, here there support staff gone inside to check out the grass land. I laughed “Look at your faces!”., I am unable to laugh in deep, my leg said this is enough man.

We took a cab to reach out Farm Land., Cab didn’t went inside of farm land., they said their service provider didn’t allowing them to track after crossing that boundary. Here there is, we got a Gentleman who hosting us in a Farm Land. My entire family had a deep breathe., he gave a lift for us until his Farm house. It happened to me for many times, whatever we saw will not be true., especially through internet. I got bad experiences from online shopping.

I won’t believe and stubborn because of online frauds. I won’t believe until I feel that is right one. What if, if you saw the place or the service or the product is so cool than what you thought earlier. The same kind of feeling, my mouth got shut, my eyes won’t believing it. First 20 minutes we got introduced ourselves and short tour to his Farm house. Dhyana Mantapa, Dormitory, place of Team building activities, Pond with small boat, tributary of Cauvery, Trees, Flowers, Navagraha place., am I in heaven. If you want to see that you need to go to Marasettihalli. The whole day is not enough to see the beauty of his house.

He is Mr. Ashok., his whole family, including the Farm house provided deep affectionate towards us. Welcome Sharbhat, what a treat. This is nice place for peace loving people they do Yoga, just took a walk with loving nature, placing their legs on one of the Cauvery tributary (small river)., having the bath on Fresh water., hearing the jingles of flowing water, hearing the blobbing sound of water at Pond., even naughty boy can be humble., The spiritual and mystic waves will sooth you until you get relaxed.

I provided the route information below, mapping the google maps.,

Mr. Ashok’s information in Airbnb below,

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