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Music instruments and me

Do you believe that I played keyboard at the age of four?
Even I can’t believe it, because that’s total lie. Myself I am always fond of
playing tambourine, which covered with skin and surrounded with steel jingles. You
can hear both the sound of drum and jingles at the same time. Bass drum which
is about 1 feet, both side covered by skin, drum player needs to have the stick
which covered by the kind of cloth to control the raw sound from the stick.,
other end he needs to use hand.
Piano, whenever I got chance I will try to play, even I don’t
know how to play that. Still for me, wondering why there are black keys in
piano. Harmonium, bongo drum, even more are in interests. All these instruments
I found at church. On Sundays proceedings starts and ends with music., because
church ran by devotional singer.
I had personalized musical instruments later, whenever I
tried to learn the music, some or the other things I need to give priority. The
time AR Rahman entered into movies, having keyboard is kind of prestigious
thing with youngsters. My dad planned to buy Guitar for my brother, we went to
Musee Musicals in Mount Road, Chennai. I found huge piano showcased in the
store. I don’t know how to open the over, suddenly one person came and played
like Beethoven and went off. I sat and played the unknown raga, with typical expression.
Dad paid nearly half of his salary to buy the guitar, Gibson
guitar and guide opened for more than a month. My mom tried Sa Re Ga Ma, on
that. Monthly, my dad had an expense on buying the strings and pecks to play
it. Even he tried a tutor, where I too got introduced for Tabla. When I went
there, with all the musical instruments, they are trying for concert and they are
teaching for free of cost.
They need people to learn the music. More than one hour
there is a discussion between musical guru and instrument players, when they
started for 5 to ten seconds, Guru interrupted and started playing Harmonium. I
got slept over, for hours. They even don’t know, that I got into sleep. My friend
who introduced me to Guru, woke me up and Guru starred at me, then send a
message, “He is too young”. At that age, I am looking so younger than my age.

Recently I got an interest for Sitar, having the tutor through
online and books. It’s not enough for me, looking for some more time to develop
my skills on playing the instrument. My mother influenced in music, with Sa Re
Ga Ma. Currently I am learning the music variations with Western, Hindustani
& Carnatic. Finding differences, learning how to write musical notes, to
get into know these things, still it will take some time.

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