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Indian Railways – Online

I use to travel Indian railways lot yearly four times at least. Earlier days we use to book the ticket at ticket counters, waiting long queue to avoid the General seat, where we need travel without seat or without sleep in the train. Sleeper class is our long time advantage, where we can sit at day and sleep at night. Still my father’s favorite place is at window seat. Occasions & Annual leaves are major contributor for travelling with Railways. I still remembered the train which roaring sound and leaving hazard smoke in the air., travelling in track.
I told many stories to my friends about my first travel in train. Cross mark before the trains, horn sound, seats, Side Upper which always gives the advantage of viewing the window and so on. Later on IRCTC given the advantage of booking the ticket online, earlier at slow internet its not possible to book the ticket. Later on, on any internet speed, booking with IRCTC its horrible. Booking the tatkal tickets leaves a tears to you. Government’s policy changes given mere advantage to booking the ticket in counters. Later on I found that there are many websites gives advantage for online users and travelers.,
This website provides the information on seat availability and policies., this website is faster mode of getting the seat availability information.
In this website you can book the tickets by signing in., I need to do more research on this website, which I believe of filling the so called Form in Indian Railways.
This website provided me more advantage from above websites, it predicts the information with PNR status, also with the information of Source and destination trains. This fantastic algorithm works with past bookings.
These websites will help on post bookings, while travelling, your friends or relatives can track the train’s live status, even platform information, what time it came ETA expected or when it got arrived, delayed information etc.,
 If you have more information, please feel free to share.

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