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There are so-many things occupy me for past months. Good news is I de-activated the Whatsapp from my mobile. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are my sources to connect the social media or to my friends. Facebook messenger is helpful to connect with the people and helps me to provide the personal touch with them. I can’t resist myself being busy these many days, I like that guy who is busy probably he might doing the things which he likes.

I remember the manager who holding the cricket team, he always busy with coaching, training the team members excelling from their weak areas. Defensive players can be coached towards aggressive players., Aggressive players are coached for the consistency, local players are promoted to the International players. If his team performs he like to concentrate more on winnings and concentrate to improve his team by all means. Even the team consists of Physios, manager, coaches, sponsors etc., Once it performs everybody in the team get encouragement and try to outplay the team against them.

Probably I hit the same kind of passion, I like the doings whatever I like it in my way. Its really hard to convert those in your ways., probably we don’t understand it better. Probably we are not in the way of success., Success will not comes to your path always, if it happens you are lucky enough. Dhoni great cricketer, criticized for his luck charm working in all matches. But I completely understand, he is in the way of success. He didn’t approached the success in easier way, he know what to do to create the success. Not only the strong team, greater belief creates the success.

Today I am in a great mood to write this, I am always being grateful because I have handful of people who believe me that I will achieve the success one day. Also I am working on my weak areas to develop constantly, standing up as a mentor trying to guide the people who really want to achieve greatness in their areas.I am not done always. I just took my time.

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