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RTE and School fees hike

In 2008-08 I got a chance to translate the important document or policy which is billed and passed over. That is none other than RTE Act (Right to Education Act). Which is continuously improved to provide education to all children in India. Other than that, there are government schools which are trying to provide shelter, food and clothes to children for protecting their rights. During Kamaraj period Tamilnadu found innovative project called mid-day meal scheme, which apparently changed as Nutritious meal scheme (Sathunavu Thittam) by MG Ramachandran.

Karnataka for some time it imposed strict fees collection and tried to improve the education for middle income group children. Recently Delhi government imposed strict rules for DPS schools to collect only reasonable amount and not to loot the people in broad light.

India has many schemes, it went to the roots like Nalanda times. It brought GATE exam from the inspiration of Gate keepers story at Nalanda. World’s first University which we called as Nalanda from India. Vishwabharati University which inspired by many like Indira Gandhi.

Normally if we took the boards for Primary/Secondary education in India,

State Board – Least preferred
CBSE – Most Preferred
ICSE – Preferred.

The pain yearly comes is getting admission in good school for parents. Earlier parents are ready to provide enough money to get an admission for their kids. This become usual to rise the school fees/tuition fees/transportation fees etc., Each state government has different rules as school fees concerned.

Government like Tamilnadu has Singaravelar Committe on Fees hike, Karnataka Education board like DPI provided fees structure I believe its not yet approved by State Government., which leads to more confusion. Still International schools and CBSE schools enjoying the fees hike and can put the numbers, whatever they want. (to be continued)

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