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Data vs assumptions

Recently one of my friend posted about the analysis of data and the debate running on assumptions. Most of the debate running on politics, it will be running like, the politics behind the scenes, as they assumed mostly. My point is not running the political discussions over here., but the lack of data in their discussions, will be wasteful debates. To bring out the truth and providing information is the main goal for the journalism or media’s objective. Recent times there are the debates like this making us worry in the light of events or discussions.

I admire one of our relative he is a lawyer, he use to talk to his senior and judge in High court, he use to provide the timings like

Sir, morning 06:00 I woke up, 06:30 I had a coffee, 06:40 I got the call, the person came at 08:46, we had a discussion for 15 minutes, my driver came at 09:02 I went to my office at 09:49. Might be the discussion about his schedule., but the data which he given in his call impeccable, originally told from his mind. The data interpreted here doesn’t has any non-sense., these kind of discussions will lead to powerful and sense discussions.

Say about the lawyer taking his case with the assumptions, the opposition lawyer with the data and facts, I will give it to you, whom judge will favor to. There will be no question, more than a assumptions the verdict goes with the datas and facts. I use to get a shortfalls because my arguments was baseless and contains the assumptions. One of my mentor always tried to correct me, then one day he blasted at me., then I realized that my argument is baseless and full of assumptions. Then I started meeting people, with different angles.

My father always complaining that everybody against him, nobody respecting him, later myself and my mother explained about his age and he should be more responsible more than expecting the respect from near and dears. Now he accepted the truth, every-time he meeting the people he analyzing the people issues and knowing facts. Now he become more responsible, the decisions he is taking improved a lot.

There should be always we need to understand, the best secret told by your friend, that should not be revealed at any point of time. The secret which revealed already the confidence you may lost from your friend. When I heard the secret about myself from others, whom my friends told to them, I definitely lost the confidence towards them. The trust should not be broken, by telling ill about the people. If somebody praising me for some of the deed which I might done, I will be happy and ask the person to stop,. that he already made me happy, I don’t want others to hear that. The recognition from others can make you happier, more than proud, I should feel responsible even more. That’s what one of my manager told to me. I use to get lots of recognition, but he made me to develop above those.

So more than assumptions, the facts and datas are important. Collecting data from different sources, doing research on particular study will provide additional value to your discussion. Always open to hear and understand the things told by the other person. Remember there will be always your views, other people views and truth. Don’t count on the views which you have, count on the truth, search for it. Let the truth enlighten you.

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